Here you will find some of the questions we are asked most frequently. If you don't find the information you're looking for here, feel free to contact us with your questions by using this form: Contact LifeLong Rescue.

  • Who are we? [return to top]
    LifeLong Rescue is 501(c)(3) nonprofit founded in 2000. We rescue approximately 40 puppies and dogs every year. We are a completely volunteer run organization based out of the Dallas Fort Worth Texas area whose purpose is to rescue and rehabilitate dogs and puppies that have been abandonned in mostly rural areas. This often means locating these dogs, winning their trust and bringing their health back to an optimal level. Our hope is that all dogs and puppies placed through our organization will never experience being homeless or unloved again.

  • Where do our dogs come from? [return to top]
    Most of our dogs and puppies come to us from rural areas outside of the immediate Dallas Fort Worth Texas area where they have been abandoned. Many shelters do not have the means to rehabilitate or care for these sorts of stray dogs — many of which are pregnant moms who need extra TLC. Few of these dogs would have any chance at all of even making it into a shelter. Most them either live short and horrific lives as strays or are captured and promptly euthanized. These are the true underdogs of the rescue world.

  • How much does it cost to adopt a dog or puppy? [return to top]
    The adoption fee for puppies is $300. ($50 of the adoption fee is refunded after proof of completion of puppy classes). The adoption fee for our adult dogs (over 1 year old) is $175. The adoption fee includes spaying/neutering, microchip implanting, removal of all parasites, first DA2PP vaccine(s), first deworming, vet check, collar, training DVD, and initial 5-10lbs supply of food.

  • Where is your shelter located? [return to top]
    Although our goal is to someday have a facility, we currently do not have a shelter. Our puppies are fostered in private homes by volunteers.

  • How can I meet the puppies? [return to top]
    You can meet the puppies at one of our adoption events. When we have available puppies for adoption the event schedule will be posted on our website.

  • I can't make the scheduled event. Can I come meet the puppy somewhere else? [return to top]
    Unfortunately we can only show the puppies at scheduled events since they are all fostered in private homes.

  • I can't make the scheduled event. Can you hold the puppy for me? [return to top]
    We are unable to hold a puppy for a potential adopter. If we do not find suitable homes at the first event we will hold a second event.

  • Do you know the breed and parents of the rescue puppies? [return to top]
    Normally we do not know the parents of the puppies and we can only guess what the breed might be. Most puppies rescued were abandoned. Whatever information we have will be posted with the puppy photo on our website.

  • How big will the puppy get? [return to top]
    We normally have no idea how small or large the puppy will grow. We make a guess as to the size, but without knowing the parents it is impossible to know for sure. We had one litter that two veterinarians predicted would grow to be large dogs, yet the puppies maxed out at 34 pounds when grown. Another litter everyone thought would be medium sized since the mom only weighed 45 pounds. All the puppies grew to be close to 90 pounds! For that reason we do not suggest adopting a rescue puppy if size is an issue. It is not in the best interest of the dog when a family calls to say they can't keep the dog because it grew to be larger than they expected.

  • Can I adopt two puppies? [return to top]
    More often than not, adopting two puppies is a problem. The puppies tend to bond to each other and not their humans. It is a lot of work to train one puppy and almost impossible to train two puppies at once. There are also cases where siblings start to fight once they reach their adult age. For these reasons we do not adopt out two puppies, rather encourage families to raise and train one puppy to at least a year old before adding a second puppy.

  • What is your adoption process? [return to top]
    Our adoption process is involved because we do everything in our power to ensure the adopters are aware of the time, energy, and patience it takes to raise a puppy and that they will be committed to the life of the dog. The first step is completing an online application. The second step is to come meet the puppies and our organization at a scheduled event where the puppy you're interested in will be shown. At the event one of our adoption counselors will interview you and go over your adoption application. It normally takes a week to be notified if we feel you are a good match for one of our puppies. The third step is a home check to ensure a safe environment for the puppy.

  • How are the interviews conducted at the adoption events? [return to top]
    Adoption interviews are conducted on a first-come, first-served basis. Please sign in when you arrive. We have a limited number of interviewers and often many people interested in adopting the puppies. Because of this, please be aware you may experience a wait. Thank you in advance for your patience. Please arrive on time as there is an introduction at the beginning of all our events.

  • How do you determine who gets to adopt a puppy? [return to top]
    Through our adoption process we strive to determine if you understand the emotional and physical needs of raising a puppy. A puppy takes an enormous amount of time, patience, energy, and training if he/she is to grow up to be a good dog. Our goal is that any puppy or dog adopted through our rescue receives a lifetime commitment from his new family no matter what physical or behavior problems may arise throughout his life.
    The adoptions themselves are based on several criteria and finding the best match for both the puppies and the adoptive families. Everyone will have the same opportunity to be considered regardless of the order in which they interview.

  • Why do you require home checks? [return to top]
    We require home checks to ensure the safety of the puppy. We check the yard to make sure the fencing is high enough and that there are no areas by way of which the puppy can escape. We check inside the home to ensure there is an area to confine the puppy while potty training and to ensure there are no children under the age of six living in the home.

  • Why don't you adopt to families with children under the age of 6 years old? [return to top]
    80% of puppies adopted to families with children under the age of six are returned to a shelter. Puppies are extremely cute when they are little but large breed dogs triple in size within just a few months. A pup's normal behavior is to jump and bite. When a gangly 30-40 pound puppy is biting and jumping on small children the child suffers and usually the puppy is then banned to the yard. A puppy needs a rigorous schedule of supervision, training, and exercise. This is very difficult when there are children in the home that also need constant supervision. For these reasons we encourage families to either wait until their youngest child is at least 6 years old or consider adopting an older dog for the family.

  • Do you provide adoptions outside of the Dallas Fort Worth, TX area? [return to top]
    We rarely make an exception to adopting out of the area. Since we require home checks it is not feasible for our volunteers to travel long distances. The rare exception would be another local rescue in your area making the home visit. We also discourage families from traveling long distances to visit our puppy events, because we cannot guarantee the adoption of a puppy.

  • Which cities will you adopt to? [return to top]
    If you are more than 1 hour outside of Dallas Fort Worth Texas, then most likely you are too far from us. If you are on the outskirts of that range please apply online first and we will respond with whether or not we will be able to consider you for a puppy or dog as it often depends on how close you are to one of our volunteers.

  • How do I become a foster? [return to top]
    If you're interested in becoming a foster for LifeLong Rescue, please visit this page: Foster Information and Application

  • Do you accept youth (under 18) volunteers? [return to top]
    Becuase the puppies are all fostered in our private homes, we do not have a facility for volunteers. We do occasionally need youth volunteers at our adoption events to sit in the pens with the puppies but a parent or guardian will need to be with you the whole time. Therefore, we generally ask that your parent volunteers with you at the same time.

  • What are the volunteering opportunities? [return to top]
    • Fostering (see above)
    • Transport (to & from vets, shelters, etc)
    • Home Checks
    • Adoption Counselors
    • Marketing
    • Website Maintennance & Development
    • Event Coordination
    • Foster Coordination
    • Administration
    • Fundraising
    • email us for details!
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