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LifeLong Rescue helps abandoned cats and dogs by rescuing and preparing them for caring lifelong homes with guardians committed to the well-being of these unfortunate animals. We depend on assistance from those who are able to help us continue and expand the LifeLong Rescue mission. We are presently working toward building an education program in tandem with our rescue efforts, so that we can help the public understand the causes and the magnitude of the homeless pet problem. In providing this education, we hope to extend the awareness necessary to begin working toward real solutions. We feel that this goal is worthy of focus, as without solutions, the job of rescue will never be complete and the homeless cat and dog population will grow worse day after day.

LifeLong Rescue has no paid employees or board members. Every dollar of your donation goes directly to provide care and benefit to our animals and broaden public awareness of a worsening problem. We have no budget for fundraising or administration at present, and we dedicate ourselves to work educating the public and with our animals, enriching their life experience and hopefully preparing them for adoption.

We have recently taken up a new cause which we think will help curtail the overpopulation and poor treatment of dogs. The project is an effort to educate rural municipalities and other communities as to the benefits of enacting anti-tethering laws. The purpose of this is to stop this inhumane activity and break the cycle that perpetuates irresponsible treatment and more importantly breeding of what are often difficult breeds. LifeLong Rescue intends to carry out this mission by creating educational materials, including economic models, a dedicated website, video assets, fundraising activities and other collateral. We intend to use this to embark upon a campaign to empower people and any interested entities by helping people understand and take up this cause. We believe it has a pervasive potential to effectively address one of the most horrific problems on Earth, as far as the magnitude of suffering the problem involves.

Our coalition to end the tethering of dogs is an early-stage, education-focused effort with the intent to help people across the United States become active in teaching their communities about the benefits of enacting and enforcing laws and ordinances that will prohibit the chaining and tying of dogs outside of residences anywhere it may be prevalent, accepted or permitted due to a lack of code that addresses this problem or a lack of interest in enforcing the laws that seek to prohibit tethering. The investment made in enforcement helps mitigate the acceptance of it by reversing the normative social aspect of this inhumane choice. By reversing the social norm, communities can create environments where this activity will become unacceptable. Once this normative effect has a foothold, city governments and law enforcement benefit tremendously by way of a reduction in the burden of dealing with situations that often involve dog attacks, explosive homeless pet populations and the need to control and shelter (if only temporarily) these unfortunate animals which are often euthanized after living lives full of suffering and abuse.

City governments and the communities that pass these laws will benefit in a number of ways. And, these benefits extend far beyond having more budget dollars to allot to tangible improvements, as opposed to money allotted to controlling the consequences of citizens choosing to treat dogs inhumanely, whether out of ignorance or intent. Making this a reality is a win for all. People who tether dogs do so because they do not otherwise have the right environment to take care of these dogs, and the vast majority of the time, appropriate care is not their intended treatment of these victimized canines. This insures that these dogs will suffer tremendously and likely be bred or breed accidentally, which simply furthers the problem. And, this is a problem that is not limited to the confines of these situations in particular. It's much more pervasive in these communities and costs the cities in significant ways.

We sincerely appreciate your dedication and sacrifice. Your generosity will allow us to help homeless animals with little hope outside of being rescued and to prevent the senseless mistreatment of others both near and far. Your help makes it possible to free these animals from terrible circumstances where most live with real danger daily, suffering from hunger, a lack of shelter and of human companionship. These animals arrive in these situations through no fault of their own. They have only what they are given. Please help us give them a chance to be loved and cherished companions. You may do this in a number of ways, including donations through our online donation option, where you will receive a tax-deductable receipt for your contribution or by providing various items that we need on an ongoing basis. Above all, we remain faithful to our mission. And, whatever your contribution may be (even if it's simply spreading the word), we are honored to have you with us!

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all the Animals in our care

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